How does mediation work?

Two parties with a disagreement or unresolved issue decide to hire a mediator to be a neutral third party. The mediator’s job is to help the two parties work out a resolution using their ideas to solve the problem. The mediation process can last between 2 to 10 sessions depending on the issues at stake and the parties ability to work through them. At the end of mediation, the mediator will write up the agreement created by the parties. The parties will have time to review, then sign the agreement.

What makes mediation the right choice for you?

1. Mediation is often less expensive than going to court to resolve an issue.

2. Mediation can improve communication between the two parties.

3. Mediation is a confidential process.

4. Mediation allows the parties to control the process and create the resolution.

5. Mediation may resolve an issue quicker than going to court.

6. Mediation agreements can be reviewed by lawyers and parties can seek legal advice from their lawyers during the process.

What issues do you mediate?

Mediation is offered for family issues, such as divorce, custody, placement, and maintenance. It is also offered for School and Special Education issues.

What is the cost of mediation?

The cost is $150/hour for mediation. In family mediation, the sessions are 2 hours each. Payments are accepted after each session and can be made via a credit card or check. Credit cards are processed on with a 3% transaction fee. (There are no fees for checks.) Please call for the most up to date pricing information.

What is important in looking for a mediator?

Experience and training are always helpful, but remember that the mediator’s most important role is to bring out the best in each person. When meeting with a mediator, ask yourself whether you feel he or she can help you bring out your best, in what is often a stressful situation.

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