Divorce - This is by far one of the biggest decisions a person can make. It is not always easy to admit that things are not where you anticipated, but today you can take the first step towards realigning your life and lives of your children. Call today and learn more about the process and how I can help you through it. Click here for information on mediation. 

Custody - This is the ability to make big decisions in your child's life. It can be joint custody, where both parents share in the decision making, or it can be sole custody, where only one parent makes the big decisions. Call today and I will work hard to get you what is best for your child. Click here for information on mediation.

Placement - This is where your child lives. Primary placement is where your child lives most of the time. Shared placement is when your child lives with each parent at least 25% of the time. Split placement is when one parent will have placement of some of the children and the other other parent will have placement of the remaining children. Click here for information on mediation.

Child Support - Is this your first time seeking child support? Are you concerned that you are not getting the child support you are entitled to? Do you think you are paying too much in child support? No matter your need, call me today.

Guardianship - Whether you are seeking guardianship or someone is seeking guardianship over  your child, please call to get the help you need. I will discuss the process with you, file all necessary paperwork, and attend any hearings as your advocate. The stakes are too high to go it alone.

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